Transport Simulation Program

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Accredited since 2012!

Our test methods ensure that your packaged product or prototype meets all the requirements!

Products, packaging and materials sometimes suffer severe blows before they reach the consumer. They are exposed to mechanical loads during transport, storage and/or actual use. Death on arrival (DOA) has a negative impact on your profit and your reputation. To prevent damage and reduce costs, we offer many packaging tests. In our test laboratory, we can, for example, simulate field data (real-time testing).


Four steps to an optimized product


Laboratory tests

Sebert Trillingstechniek B.V. in Bergschenhoek / The Netherlands is the leading specialist in the field of packaging and product testing. Our ISO 17025 accredited environmental testing laboratory is known for its commitment to our customers and the quality of our testing.

We offer a wide range of testing methods and tests to help us test your product. By testing your product, you can prevent damage during transportation or improve the overall quality of your product. This saves your company both time and money. With every test we perform, we provide accurate and relevant data that you can use to improve your product.


Unser Sebert Trillingstechniek Team

In April 2002, Sebert Trillingstechniek (S2T) opened its doors in Bergschenhoek. Our focus is performing mechanical tests for third parties. The Dutch branch has four FTEs on duty, namely:

  • Michel Magendans (Director/Test Specialist), employed since 2002.
  • Russell Morris (Test Engineer), employed since 2020.
  • Timon Steenbergen (Test Operator), employed since 2021
  • Liesanne Magendans (Office Assistant), employed since 2007.

Being a small company has its advantages. We are very flexible, we have a lot of experience with testing and the lines of communication are clear and to the point. You and your product receive the attention you need from us.

With our ISO 17025 accreditation, obtained in 2012, we received recognition from the Dutch government for our technical competence in performing dynamic (shock, fall, impact and vibration) tests for products and packaging.

Since 2010, we have also been officially certified by ISTA in America to carry out transport tests that the FDA (U.S.