Yielding Straps Series SST TC


The SST TC series of yielding straps are used for the elastic/plastic mounting of devices and systems on naval ships and in secure areas. Commonly referred to as single-use elements, they make use of the large amount of energy absorbed from the material’s plastic deformation. The TC elements are made of stainless V4A steel and can also be supplied in a nonmagnetic version. Additional versions:

  • SST TCP is covered with an elastic plastic
  • SST TCS designate types according to DIN 95408 (J1-J9)

In order to simplify the design process, we have developed design diagrams from which the relevant compression bracket can be determined quickly and reliably, specifying the weights of the devices or systems and the desired residual acceleration under shock load in accordance with BV 043.85 / 89.

Please send us an email to info@sebert.de with the relevant details, such as e.g.: weight, position of the center of gravity, drawing, shock and vibration loads and the fragility of your device.  We will contact you no later than the next day, to offer a proposal or to request more details.