Products & Solutions

Shock and vibration isolation for a wide variety of industries and ground equipment in aviation.

Wire Rope Mounts/Isolators
Wire rope mounts/isolators with excellent isolation and damping properties, for load ranges from a few grams to several tons in weight.
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Elastomer Mounts/Isolators
High-quality elastomer mount/isolator for load ranges from approx. 20 kg up to 2,500 kg, offering above all a solution to problems with...
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Pipe Suspensions ATM 
For elastic mounting of pipelines up to 120 mm in diameter; patented solution for the best structure-borne sound isolation.
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Yielding Straps for Shock Reduction
Mastering shock - yielding straps for elastic/plastic shock reduction of devices and systems on naval ships and in secure areas.
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Grounding Plugs and Bolts
Special grounding plugs and bolts for aircraft, vehicles and all kinds of moving equipment.
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Custom Mount/Isolator Systems
We also develop new mount/isolator systems specifically to your requirements.
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