With our Instron machine, we can precisely display the force-displacement diagram of any isolator. These curves are also used in our ViSAP calculation and design program.

Our Contura Zeiss measuring machine measures, if necessary, to µm accuracy.

A PC-based quality monitoring system from Siemens guarantees a high quality standard during the production process. Our products have a standard according to DIN 40080, AQL 1.5, Control Level II or higher on customer request. Our quality management system is qualified according to DIN/ISO 9001/2015.

Workpiece measurement with our Zeiss 3 D measuring machine Contura.
Measurement of spring characteristic with our Instron machine for production control and final inspection.
Measurement of the sweep and isolation of our damping elements with our shaker.

Alternatively - measurement in our environmental test laboratory in the Netherlands with:
      - 4 shakers with a max. force vector of 50000 N
      - Sledge test or drop test etc.