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  • Wire rope mounts/isolators for static loads from 30 g to several tons and high dynamic flexibility.
  • Rubber mounts/isolators for static loads from 10 kg to 2500 kg and dynamic deflections of 120 mm.
  • Custom mount/isolator systems and special series.
  • Pipe suspensions for the best structure-borne sound isolation.
  • Yielding straps for elastic/plastic shock reduction of devices and systems on naval ships and in secure areas.
  • Special grounding plugs and bolts for aircraft, vehicles and all kinds of moving equipment.
  • Tool sets for motors and portable hydraulic power units for bolt pre-tensioning up to 2.5 kbar.


  • Static and dynamic calculations with our ViSAP program (the first report is free for you).
  • Coupled multi-body systems.
  • Shock-vibration tests with shakers
  • Environmental tests in an accredited laboratory in the Netherlands.
  • Special auditable reports.
  • Evidence of the shock resistance of fixtures, pipe suspensions and devices.
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