For over 35 years we have been manufacturing vibration mounts/isolators, shock reduction and damping systems for industry, aviation, aerospace, transport, military, navy and merchant ships.

Precise work and the best materials are the foundation for the shock reducers and vibration mounts/isolators we manufacture. We are also happy to manufacture all our wire rope mounts/isolators, rubber mounts/isolators, and vibration isolators according to our customers' individual specifications. 

Our success in the market comes from how we assist and support our customers with: 

  • Advice on optimal isolator design
  • Calculation of the effectiveness of the vibration isolation, the isolation of the resonance frequencies and the loads on the devices and systems to be protected
  • All common environmental tests carried out in our own DIN 17025 certified test laboratory
  • Development and manufacture of our products and solutions according to the highest quality standards, with maximum production depth and the shortest delivery times on the market
Products and Solutions
Wire Rope Mounts/Isolators
Wire rope mounts/isolators with excellent isolation and damping properties, for load ranges from a few grams to several tons in weight.
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Elastomer Mounts/Isolators
High-quality elastomer mount/isolator for load ranges from approx. 20 kg up to 2,500 kg, offering above all a solution to problems with...
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Pipe Suspensions ATM 
For elastic mounting of pipelines up to 120 mm in diameter; patented solution for the best structure-borne sound isolation.
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Grounding Plugs and Bolts
Special grounding plugs and bolts for aircraft, vehicles and all kinds of moving equipment.
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Yielding Straps for Shock Reduction
Mastering shock - yielding straps for elastic/plastic shock reduction of devices and systems on naval ships and in secure areas.
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Custom Mount/Isolator Systems
We also develop new mount/isolator systems specifically to your requirements.
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Our company philosophy

Our priorities and services:

• Strict alignment with and fulfillment of customer requirements
• High precision in engineering, development and manufacturing
• Reliable and certified quality (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001)
• Shortest development time & product manufacturing - maximum delivery time of 1-2 weeks for prototypes; on the order of 3 weeks for series delivery
• High level of vertical production

• CAE, CAD, CAM, CAQ chain completely in-house
• The most highly trained and experienced engineers, technicians and mechanics
• Initial calculation and simulation with our own ViSAP (Vibration and Shock Analysis Program), including meaningful report, is free of charge

Our quality

A PC-based quality assurance system, with controls and measurements during the entire manufacturing process, ensures our high quality standard.

Deliveries are made in accordance with the DIN 40 080, AQL 1.5, Control Level II standard.

Our quality assurance system is certified in accordance with DIN / ISO 9001/2015.

Useful Information
Special projects
Heavy-duty mount/isolator with special acoustic properties.   
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Trade Fairs
We seek to speak with potential new customers at various trade fairs.
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Expansion of Production
In order to further increase our vertical integration, we significantly expanded our production capacities and options in 2018/19. 
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